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Website Development Consulting

Before you launch and expensive project be sure to get an extra set of expert eyes to review your project and provide recommendations.

Off Shore Teams

Offshore teams can be complicated and difficult to manage. Don’t let common barriers slow you down with your offshore team. Let us help you through the process and manage your offshore teams.

Blended Development Teams

US based teams offer high quality development solutions at a high cost. Off shore teams provide cost effective solutions. We can help guide you.


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We support you the whole way

Thats what we are here for. New products to revamping old brands its our job to bring your dreams to life.

  • Muzafar ChaudhryMuzafar ChaudhryDirector of Marketing, Brightbeam Media

    “Working with Jarid&( J.C Visions) was a joy because he’s so well organized and he did a great job communicating with team members at various levels of management and also across different departments. The rare ability to balance excellent soft skills with high level technical & analytical skills and a keen sensitivity to the client’s wants and needs. An acute business acumen, which enabled him to see the big picture, identify the issues and quickly institute effective solutions. He is a uniquely talented professional and a true asset”

  • Christian BarryChristian BarryFounder and Chief Commercial Officer at WorkBubble

    “Ben and Jerry, Gates and Allen, Jobs and Wozniak, three examples of Vision,
    Persistence, Determination, Passion and Dedication to an idea and a purpose that benefits others for life. Be it from Ice Cream to the world’s largest software and computer brands, these individuals had the confidence in their product and the ability to move others to work with them in achieving their goals.”

  • Steve ThompsonSteve ThompsonBusiness Development Strategist | Founder GURUU INTERNATIONAL Entrepreneurial Visionary

    "Jarid Buck ( J.C Visions) is the epitome of the consummate thinker, ready to take on the challenges ahead with determination and a willingness to ask the questions that bring the results."
    "An idea man that doesn't stop with the thought; he makes these ideas come to life "

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