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Logos and Branding

People love brands. We want them to love yours.

Your Story In A Logo

Does your logo tell people who you are?

That might seem like a stretch. A seemingly impossible task of creating a single image that tells the world who you are.

It isn’t though.

Have a look at these logos. You probably know what all of their core products are. That is what happens when you put the time and effort into building a brand.

If you were to show someone that has never seen the golden arches or knew what they were. Someone that has lived under a rock, in the middle of the jungle, without any western culture exposure. They wouldn’t know what it was or what it meant.

However, if you show pretty much anyone in the world the golden arches they know that it McDonalds and they sell fast food.

Thats powerful.

Our seasoned experts are here to help you build that kind of logo and brand identity.

Creating Brand Identity

Possibly one of the single most important first steps of a company. Often overlooked and over simplified.

Lets think about it.

Your logo is likely the very first thing someone will notice when discovering your brand. This is where your brand elicits the first emotional response from someone. What emotion do you want? Is that emotion in line with your brand identity?

Details like emotional response are just one of the many functions of professional logo and brand consultants.

We are here to guide you through this process and pull your brand identity from within you. We will help you create an identity that elicits positive emotions and brand loyalty.

Our Brand Style Guide

If you have a brand then you need to have a brand style guide. Unless, of course, you plan on creating, reviewing, and approving every single document before it goes public.

Thats a lot of work when you should be focused on other objectives.

So, create a brand style guide for everyone to follow. It creates unity and consistency for your brand identity. Consistency is the key to brand recognition.

The most successful brands in the world have things in common. One of them is global consistency.

They all use brand style guides to ensure that consistency.

We’re here to help you with that.

Building Brand Assets

Create a logo and tagline. Then put it on everything. Sounds simple, right?


For those of you non techies out there. Stop saying things like “just use the logo image there” or “we can just put a letter head for the banner”. Thats not how it works, at all.

This is where your brand assets come in.

Letter heads are not banners. Social media banners are not logo and logos are not business cards. There are all individual assets that create uniformity throughout all media channels.

Why is this important?

So your brand doesn’t look amateur and we’re here to help with that.

Let us help put your brand assets together and look like a pro with every media outlet.

Sounds good? Now let’s hear your idea!

We’d love to work on it with you and create something awesome.