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Content Marketing

Your brand has a message and its in your content.

Does your content represent your brand?

Its all in the message

We hear about content marketing from all marketers and how important it is.

Time and time again we see businesses hire staff and consultants to market through content. Most of the time that content does not line up with the brand. There are many factors that go into this but the most common is lack of direction for the content marketing teams.

Here is an easy test for you………… go read the content that you didn’t create yourself.

Did you read all of it? Did you look for the follow up content? Did it make you want to take some kind of action?

If the answer was no to any of those questions you need to stop what you are doing and revaluate your content marketing strategy.

If you don’t want to read and engage with your own brand then why would your target market?

Produce Engaging Content

It seems simple enough. It isn’t.

We live in an age where content is king. Your target market wants to engage with your material and gain value for free.

Gone are the days of billboard advertising. Thrusting your message in the faces of your customers does not work the way it used to.

You have to provide free value.

Think about it. Do you look at the billboards?

Maybe. Once in a while.

Do you watch the commercials or do you fast forward through them.Our brains have been tuning out irrelevant noise for years.

Value for nothing and your content for free

Its got a little ring to it doesn’t it. Hmm, I wonder why?

We believe in creating value and then passing that value on to clients and customers for free. We create that value through content.

Your content might be different but it should serve the same purpose.

Provide value to your customers.

That value then translates into brand awareness and loyalty. You’re giving strangers free things. By itself that goes against human nature.

How you provide that content and how you choose to position it is up to you.

We just want to help you grow.

Content Marketing Consultants

Most of the time you just need to talk to someone about your products and services.

As your content marketing consultant we take those conversations and turn them into engaging content that we would want to read.

Try this……….

Have a conversation with a customer about your products and services. Just a general conversation.

Record it and review it.

If they praise you great! If they complain, fix it!

Now, turn that into some form of content and share it with others.

Hopefully, you end up with a brief humanization of your brand. A way for others to share your brand experience and connect on a customer to customer level.

Want to go deeper and and engage more?

Don’t forget your “Why”

The why is what connects your brand and customers on a deep and tribal level.

What you do is great. It solves an immediate issue.

How you do it tells us what it takes to get it all done. Great! Right on! Cool!

Why you do it?……… that is where the magic happens.

The why brings us together in a common goal with similar beliefs.

It turns  strangers into friends. Enemies into co operatives.  Our fears will turn into friendliness and true brand loyalty is earned in such ways.

Build your brand from the “Why” out.

Want to know ours?…..

We believe that entrepreneurship is the heart of human civilization. It gives us life, liberty, and at its core, it is the pursuit of happiness. It has pulled us from the horrors of human nature and given us that which we are proud of. It defends the weak and checks the power of the strong.

We promote this belief by helping those that struggle with the magnitude of 21st century entrepreneurship. We help them by sharing our successes and our failures. We are the gentle nudge in a successful direction. We are the warm hug on those dark and cold days. We are the light that stands beside you as you navigate the darkness of the unknown.

We believe in you.

We also offer consulting services. Would you like to work with us?

  • Muzafar ChaudhryMuzafar ChaudhryDirector of Marketing, Brightbeam Media

    “Working with Jarid&( J.C Visions) was a joy because he’s so well organized and he did a great job communicating with team members at various levels of management and also across different departments. The rare ability to balance excellent soft skills with high level technical & analytical skills and a keen sensitivity to the client’s wants and needs. An acute business acumen, which enabled him to see the big picture, identify the issues and quickly institute effective solutions. He is a uniquely talented professional and a true asset”

  • Christian BarryChristian BarryFounder and Chief Commercial Officer at WorkBubble

    “Ben and Jerry, Gates and Allen, Jobs and Wozniak, three examples of Vision,
    Persistence, Determination, Passion and Dedication to an idea and a purpose that benefits others for life. Be it from Ice Cream to the world’s largest software and computer brands, these individuals had the confidence in their product and the ability to move others to work with them in achieving their goals.”

  • Steve ThompsonSteve ThompsonBusiness Development Strategist | Founder GURUU INTERNATIONAL Entrepreneurial Visionary

    "Jarid Buck ( J.C Visions) is the epitome of the consummate thinker, ready to take on the challenges ahead with determination and a willingness to ask the questions that bring the results."
    "An idea man that doesn't stop with the thought; he makes these ideas come to life "

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